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Pittsburghers: Storytelling night at Riley’s Pour House hosted by the illustrious Lawrence C. Connolly wraps up…

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urbanomicdotcom Collapse VIII published: We are delighted to announce the publication of Collapse Volume VIII: Casino Real.

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digital_cfps CFP: “The Other Daemonic: Estranging the Uncanny” Brown Comparative Literature Graduate Student Conference

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NeinQuarterly Question authority. Fight the power. Check your spelling.

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sesow one of two new bull paintings on 11”x14” bristol paper. available at

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Weirdo writers! Subscribe to the @RDSPress Newsletter for a taste of “Bizarro ”. Tmrw from Raw Dog…

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RDSPress We’ve added a new feature to our newsletter: Bizarro Instigations from Michael Arnzen. Sign up now, it goes out…

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arnzen Author Kate Carlisle to sign books and present on writing at Seton Hill U 1/13 (January MFA residency event)…

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Culturally-Interesting Marvel Super-villain : Tatterdemalion - a dancer :…

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100 horror stories for a nickle a piece. 100 Jolts: Shockingly Short Stories from @RDSPress is only $4.99 for kindle.…

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The Fridge of the Damned tins fit inside both Christmas stockings and those jangly sewn-in arms of straightjackets.…

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A handful of new “spurs” have been added to Diabolique Strategies. Spin the chamber and see if it triggers anything:

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RT What were you doing at 9:10:11 12/13/14? @EricTTung @InWheelTime <- Listening to the celestial tumblers locking into place.

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The earth keeps spinning on its tipsy axis. It’s been drunk for eons.

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(A personal favorite)

the headless horseman / decapitates his night mare / unable to ride

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Horror fiction helps you keep perspective by shattering, slashing, clawing and stabbing the comfortable one you’ve settled into.

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Pow! Bang! E-book edition of Drawn to Marvel: Poems from the Comic Books now also available from @MinorArcanaPrs

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Flickr rates this the “most interesting” piece in my digital art gallery. Agree? “The Omniscientist”

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DavidKM roadside puddle
protozoan sets out
for the new world

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G+: Get the Goreletter:  Latest issue instigates you with horrifying holiday…bk

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