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Cereal Killers – Trading Cards And…40 LOL — available in Toys R Us!

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@JustAfterSunset Oh yes, the dolls. I remember liking the Tom Savini short in that movie. And something with injected eyeballs.

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Despite recent law changes I remind you that it is still illegal to smoke cannibals in the USA. Except at a cannibal barbeque, of course.

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@Dr_Tonelli Always obey the editor.

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@nickbilton @ForrestAguirre LOL.. it will take them YEARS to get him out of there.

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“Snarky Retorts to Classic Horror Movie Lines”…

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“Sunrise Reader” - another Amazon Kindle art experiment posted to my flickr set

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GhouliaChilds TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 and BREAKFAST CLUB Poster Comparison

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@KindleHelp Wonderful! I’ll gladly volunteer if you need some folks to pilot.

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Hey @amazon I’ve got an idea: start a channel on FireTV of authors/narrators reading “videobooks” aloud as kindle text captions below.

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“Even the Grim Reaper himself would drop his jaw reading some of these beautifully decadent poems.” Preorder…

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DamnorandoM | Diabolique Strategies

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POEM: “Through Chewing Souls” by Chris Stout @ctstout - magnets of for

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Astounding photo @MariaBoedeker! Potential zombie sequel to Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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@ctstout @RDSPress Nice build-up in this poem Chris. Will post soon.

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RealTenaciousD ‘Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life’ is now out in the US! Go check it out!

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new post to flickr gallery - “Sanitizer Dreams” -

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My Diabolical Strategy for today is… (What’s yours?)

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POEM: “Bond” by author Jessica McHugh (@theJessMcHugh)

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bizarroguy It’s national poetry month! Have you read The Gorelets Omnibus by Michael A. Arnzen?

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So cool of you to say @davidbainaa — if you defile the Instigation Postcard I’ll send you a fresh one for keepers, okay?

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I just backed The Morbid Anatomy Museum on @kickstarter This is like the modern Mutter. Support the !

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amandapalmer SO @neilhimself & I donated ourselves to the @morbidanatomy @kickstarter… go see xxx

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