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Your poetry still rocks,
o, darkest of fuses —
alit, you burn the wick

For @TheShaneStaley @darkfuse

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(A personal favorite)

Japanese Bonsai tree
quivers in the moonlight —
clutching his pruning shears

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MelBrooks Gene Wilder-One of the truly great talents of our time. He blessed every film we did with his magic & he blessed me with his friendship.

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LucyASnyder This includes my poem “Wolf Waltz” and poems by @MikeArnzen @AngelaYSmith @cinriter @rose_blackthorn @amanzetti…

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RDSPress Have you signed up for DogCon 5 yet?
Meet @JustAfterSunset @MikeArnzen @KCeresWright @BeverlyBambury & @hannaedits

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The Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase Vol. III is now available in paperback and ebook. I’ve posted an…

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I will be running a “Live ” writing workshop and offering one-on-one critiques at @RDSPress’ DogCon5:…

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An awesome recitation by @PMesling of the best from HWA’s Horror Poetry Showcase Volume III on…

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HistoryInPix Dali, Picasso, and Van Gogh. created by DDB Brasil.

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“My Friend, the Warlock”: Broven from another coven.

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there is a special kind of screaming. a raw kind. a dog howl. a raw dog screaming.…

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HalloweenCounts 66 Days Until

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Saw the commercial again recently, so figured I’d repost: “When Hot Dogs Attack” — from The Popular Uncanny…

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This excerpt from Murrmann: A Tale of Van Helsing on @Scribd is longer than the snippet on amazon:…

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@JustAfterSunset @gamutmagazine What a good idea! I even kickstarted them, so I shoulda remembered. GRATZI, Wyto!

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Just picked up Jeffrey Konvitz’s The Sentinel for $1.99 via @amazon Had to. A memorable film + Judas Priest earworm.

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I think the concept most popularly connected to the is the “lookalike,” and that twitter hashtag is empirical evidence.

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RL_Stine Same routine every day. Sit down at my laptop in the morning and write 2,000 words. Then stagger away.…

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@SaraJane524 DO IT! Looking forward to the next batch!

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StokerCon Recommend works for the Bram Stoker Award®, get discounted tickets and more:…

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Not sure if this works w/ HWA group rate at @StokerCon (I booked last night — see you on board, scarefolk!)…

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Hmm… my 2014 essay of tips for writing flash fiction is now gone w/the sadly defunct Fictionvale mag online. Should I reprint it? Where?

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“Certain to delight any Dracula fan.” Awesome new review of Murrmann by horror connoisseur, @nathan Rosen….

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“A mad calliope of the grotesque that you just can’t turn away from.” Love this review of Freakcidents by Jennifer!…

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