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Going to StokerCon 2016™? Here’s a fun chat about my “Squirm” workshop!

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locusmag 2016 Locus Awards Finalists

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RDSPress B.E. Burkhead performs “Never Last” from The Underside of the Rainbow as the . View for laughs and…

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I dig Raw Dog Screaming Press! @RDSPress I present an ugly glasses case transformed into something awesome with a…

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(A personal favorite)

this flesh is but drapery / over skeletal window frames // peer inside my house / there is a family of spirits / sleeping in shadows inside

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KameronHurley “fuck attention. Fight for integrity.”

On retaining your soul in this biz……

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How not to deal with losing a political election: In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O’Brien. via @amazon

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@TheKJA ‘More than just a dotted line, more than just a dash!’ Very good chatting at WHC.

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CRLangille A quick overlook of my experience at World Horror Con!…

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Belatedly reporting: I have officially withdrawn from being a guest writer at the Winchester Mystery House Writer’s Retreat in August.

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What a great magazine cover! :-) The Dark #12 is out.…

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@writtenbyjames @Flickr If you mean “twitter account,” yes. If you mean “puckered skull,” no.

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Still working up my post about World Horror Con . Mostly I just juggled people’s brains, as in this neat…

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Bravo! Thanks for sharing your weirdness! More featured here:……

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POEM: Live at WHC16 - “Hammer Puckered Skull” by James Beers

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James Beers, Working on a Fridge of the Damned Poem at World Horror Con

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POEM: Live at WHC16 - “A Worm Squeals” by Michael Rankin

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POEM: Live at - “Human Sausage” by Jacob Camberros

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mcsweeneys Please Publish My New Adult Coloring Book, ‘Grow the Fuck Up!’…

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