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bizarroguy @MikeArnzen My pleasure! I’ll do so until the authorities stop me. Or stop you.

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Thanks for sharing the beer menu @patricialillie! Let’s see… a round of Detroit Embalming Fluid, on me!

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@LuminousLuke @SaraJane524 Less filling, tastes fake. :-) Chat with you in a few, Luke.

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So what’s your favorite imaginary craft beer on the Goreletter’s October release calendar? ;-)…

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Debates begin tomorrow. Exciting. Tis the season to listen to “Mob Rules” by Black Sabbath.

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Thanks for helping share the cranial atrocities of The Goreletter! @bizarroguy

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Hah! Glad you dug that piece in the Gorletter… was a lot of fun to write, and I can only imagine the labels on the bottles. @SaraJane524

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@DHarlanWilson @arnzen @RDSPress Thanks so much! Those hashtags sum up my life. :-)

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A new issue of my newsletter has been sent to subscribers: The Goreletter Sept-Oct 2016 -

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ThatEricAlper Spencer Elden, the baby on Nirvana’s Nevermind, recreates album cover 25 years later.

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It’s { Last call for DOGCON5 } in Delaware next weekend. 1-on-1 Arnzen writing critiques still avail:…

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Subscribe to The Goreletter: New issue this weekend: a crazy Craft Beer Calendar, an online workshop, book news…

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Right on! You amaze. But due to your novel, everything should come in EIGHTS now. JK — congrats! I’ll be there. @JustAfterSunset @RDSPress

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A conference on “Evil Children”! Brilliant.…

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(A personal favorite)

i collect vampire teeth
leaving tiny blood vials
beneath casket pillows


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tlrelf from the attic window
you can watch them stumble
that one was my mother

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“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!” This conference in Transylvania is serenading…

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(A personal favorite)

While you sleep / television too dreams / broadcasting infomercials / for all the attentions / you don’t give it.

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Check out Wyto’s first novel from Dark Regions Press! I believe she wrote an early draft of this in our MFA…

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“Suspiria meets Ginger Snaps” — sounds like a must-see! Cannes Film Rvw: ‘RAW’… via @Variety Thx @Historiator

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