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MinorArcanaPrs goal! Thankyou! New stretchgoal: at 78 backers, we’ll produce a swank booktrailer video!…

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Mastication Publications : join the mailing list and fugghedaboudit.

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G+: Diabolique Strategies: my free brainstorming web app at  Loosely inspired by Eno &…uw

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You gotta love Nathan Rosen design. From the cover artist for Play Dead comes……

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Black Fridays by Michael Sears @MSearsAuthor — just started this thriller on a whim and I am loving the writing in this book!

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What a treat for horror fans: “The Box” read by its author, @JackKetchum - short story audio on @audible @amazon…

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All fans of bizarre horror should read Hideous Faces, Beautiful Skulls by the legendary Mark McLaughlin @monsterbook

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fearthecrypt For The Tattoo Fans…

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Book benches in London….

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Nocturnal Submarine - new Kindle Experiment posted -

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Shufflepoems: A Deck of Poetry by Minor Arcana Press via @kickstarter

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UtneReader Wikipedia needs to atract a new generation of editors to survive:

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I think hurricanes should be named after rock bands, not people. And the first one should be Hurricane Scorpions out of respect.

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Got my copy of the “Privacy Policy” antho last week from Black Ocean — @BlackOceanOrg — and was enthralled by…

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Firming up Pittsburgh area readings in Sept & Oct :… (fyi @SaraJane524 ). Seeking another Halloween season event.

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Threw my back out on Throwback Thursday . Just kidding. But I am seriously following you in the shadows this Follow Friday.

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Photo: Horror gaming always employs a bricolage of horror cinema images. See Carrie meet Hostel meet The…

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WhyHorror Oh, who are we kidding? We can’t hide something like this forever! Ladies and gentlemen, behold! Our…

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Early peek at new Grave Markings cover/tattoo art in the latest @RDSPress newsletter — subscribe at Raw Dog…

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HuffPostBooks Behold: T-Swift in iambic pentameter, and other pop music reimagined as Shakespeare sonnets

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